Earning Reports

An earnings report is a periodic filing made by public companies to report their performance. By analyzing quarterly earnings reports, investors can gauge the financial health of the company. The announcement of earnings for a company, particularly for a popular company with a high market capitalization, can affect its share prices, which can cause it to fluctuate widely on days when such quarterly earnings reports are released.

For that reason, maximum exposure and margin requirements of the relevant shares will be modified throughout the period of publication. The maximum exposure per share will be lowered to $50,000 and the margin requirement will double.

Note: this list might not be exhaustive, as more earning reports can be announced after its compilation. The trading conditions that appear in the ‘Instrument Info’ tab in the deal slip of each instrument are always the most up to date.

Instrument Date
Dell Technologies Inc (DVMT) 14.09.2020
Adobe Inc (ADBE) 15.09.2020
FedEx Corp (FDX) 15.09.2020
Weibo Corp (WB) 17.09.2020
Allergan PLC (AGN) 18.09.2020
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