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Professional clients get to trade with greater leverage than other clients. As a Professional Trader, you will also be able to trade without margin calls. Do you want to see if you qualify and apply? Let’s get started.

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Professional Traders enjoy higher leverage and zero margin

Greater leverage

Trade with leverage of up to 400:1. Plus, as a Professional Trader, you'll be exempt from the market caps on leverage rates placed by the new ESMA measures.

Full margin usage

The days of maintenance margin close-out are long gone for professional traders on the iFOREX platform.

Higher leverage

Professional Traders enjoy substantially higher leverage than retail traders. This means you can boost your trading power, but also risk, with increased leverage on hundreds of CFDs.

Instruments Retail trading rates Professional traders
Major currency pairs 30:1 As high as 400:1
Non-major currencies 20:1 As high as 400:1
Gold 20:1 As high as 400:1
Major indices 20:1 As high as 200:1
Non-major indices and commodities 10:1 As high as 400:1
Cryptos 2:1 As high as 10:1
Shares and ETFs 5:1 As high as 20:1

Be advised:
Professional Traders are not affected by the recent ESMA regulations. Additionally, Professional Traders may not be able to enjoy the Investor Protection Fund and may be required to waive additional retail client protection. For further information, feel free to contact us.

Would you like to be categorized as a ‘Professional Trader’?

If you believe that you qualify a professional trader and would be interested in being categorized accordingly, get in touch with your account manager. Or, send a written request expressing your interest in being categorized as a Professional Trader.

To be categorized as a Professional Trader, you are required to meet a minimum of two of the following requirements:

  • You have executed CFD transactions of a significant size, at an average frequency of 10 per quarter throughout the past four quarters.
  • Your financial instrument portfolio, including financial instruments and cash deposits, is greater than 500,000 Euros.
  • You are employed or have worked in the financial sector for a minimum of one year in a professional position. This said position requires knowledge of the transactions or services provided by iFOREX.

Throughout the duration of the assessment, you will need to provide us with proof that you meet the above-mentioned requirements.

Do you have any more questions?

Simply contact us.

Why traders choose iFOREX:

  • Regulated & secure - iFOREX is regulated by HFSA
  • Experience - We benefit from our Group's 22 years of market experience
  • Numerous CFDs - Currencies, shares, commodities, indices, cryptos & ETFs
  • Our edge - Ultra tight spreads and the greatest regulated leverage in the market
  • Interactive trading - Trading tools, digital information and educational services
  • Attentive support - Personalized, customized customer support


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